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Projection Mapping

Today we had a play with projection mapping. Projection mapping is not something that has ever really interested me, but after today I ended up enjoying experimenting with it much more than I thought I would.

We began with a demonstration on what projection mapping is and briefly being taught how to use the software.

We then played around with different shaped blocks and arranged them so we could project onto them.

Because this was a new piece of software that I had never used before, I wanted to experiment with it and see how far it could go. In the settings I found that there were lots of possibilities for projecting animations, live feeds and all kinds of graphics.

Me and a Couple of others ended up staying in the room after the session and we got a bit carried away with what we were projecting onto the object. We discovered that we could play live music and set the graphics to respond and move to the music. We also managed to cast live footage onto the faces of the object as well.

One very powerful use of projection mapping that I saw was by Roger Waters on his recent Us and Them tour. During the show large pieces of set rise from the middle of the stadium and form the shape of a factory and then images are projected onto it. This stuck with me and showed me just how far projection maps can go and the potential they have.


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