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Living Room Presentation

Today we presented our prototype to the rest of the class and explained the journey of our project. We managed to load the 360 degree file into a VR headset as we wanted, which was amazing to see, since it was the first time that anyone in the group had been able to be fully immersed into the living room.

This was someone experiencing the prototype in full with an Oculus Rift headset.

Now that this project is finished, it gave our group a chance to talk about things that we would have liked to do differently or if we had more time. The main thing that we were upset about was that we had to upload the video in low quality simply to speed up render time. While the experience was not completely lost, it would have been nice to have a high quality render. Another thing that we would have wanted to do, was to make it more interactive, so the user can walk around. I do think that we will continue with this project because it would be a shame to not fulfill it’s potential. We want to add more textures to the room to give it more of an atmosphere, and hopefully, with access to the render farm, we can produce maybe an 8K render.


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