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Living Room Animations

Our living room is full of all kinds of futuristic objects and features and we want to be able to make them move to make the room seem more interactive.

So, there was my idea of having the coffee table rise from the floor which is something that I really wanted to see in the room.

The most obvious thing to have animated in a room is the door, so Oli’s task was to design and create the futuristic door for the living room.

We also had the idea to have some kind of AI robot that assists in the room, kind of like from Back to the Future, so we implemented that into the design.

Brandon created a really good design for a TV that hides in the wall which will definitely appear in the final prototype.

Overall as a group, I think everybody has committed a lot to the project and seems to be really passionate about it. Everybody has their unique take on it, and while there has been disagreements and arguments, there’s also been some really productive developments in the ideas.


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