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Living Room Virtual Reality Implementation

Our original idea was to present our living room as a virtual reality environment that people can walk around and experience. Unfortunately we’ve decided that that idea would be too difficult for us to achieve right now, since it would need to use game mechanics and skills that no one in our group is very confident with. It would also be problematic to render.

So we have now decided to show our living room as a 360 degree video. This means that we can still demonstrate this as virtual reality, and allow people to experience it. But it won’t be as immersive as we’d have liked, since the user will only be able to experience it from one point, rather than being able to walk anywhere.

This was a video tutorial I watched when I was researching how to produce 360 degree renders in Maya, and then how to publish them. I found this really useful as it explained a method of doing it using Adobe After Effects which is a piece of software that I am familiar with, but do need some practice with it.

This was a low quality render test made by another member in the group, so that we could quickly see if our method works; and if there is anything vital we need to change before spending time doing a full quality render.


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